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The Vineyards at New Kent

Resource provided all environmental work that was required to develop this new commercial and residential development for the project. These services included Phase I ESAs, environmental assessment, threatened and endangered species surveys, remote and on-site wetland delineation, permitting, and obtaining and planning for compensation (i.e. wetland mitigation bank credits and stream buffer restoration and preservation). The project covered approximately 4,500 acres of wooded, open, and recently timbered property that was broken into five distinct landbays, each with its own type of development covered by an overall Planned Unit Development (PUD) zoning.

Resource gained approval from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and used following methodology to delineate the wetland on these properties:

Delineation with use of Ortho-Rectified False Color Infra-Red Aerial Photography

Resource used digital ortho-rectified, false color, infra-red, aerial photography and digital topographic mapping with one foot contour intervals, in order to map the wetlands located on the Farms of New Kent (a.k.a. the Baltimore Tract) located in New Kent County, Virginia. Resource first mapped the general extent of the wetlands on the 4,500 acre compilation of tract for planning purposes. Resource then provided mapping to Resource planners with technical advice on the avoidance and minimization of wetland impacts in compliance with Sections 404(b)1 Guidelines of the Clean Water Act.

Once Resource planners completed a proposed layout that met the Section 404(b)1 Guidelines on Avoidance and Minimization of Wetland Impacts, Resource wetland scientists delineated the headwater wetlands and areas of wetland impact, in order to quantify the impacts and allow for and prove the avoidance and minimization of wetland and stream impacts. Resource obtained a jurisdictional determination (JD) from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for the entire project and was able to proceed with a permit application for those areas that could not be avoided. Resource's utilization of this method was able to:

  • Save our clients thousands of dollars in expenses.
  • Saved our clients many months of effort that was eliminated from the overall timeline.
  • Provided our clients with the best opportunity to be eco-friendly, while meeting their project goals.

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