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We have answers to your questions - "What can I do?", "What are the constraints?" "How long will it take?" and "What will it cost?"  

The planning phase in your project sets the stage. Planning ensures a unified vision is communicated across the technical disciplines necessary to create a pathway to success. Planning takes an idea and molds it like clay into a project concept that can define material value. Our clients rely on us to identify fatal flaws, hidden regulatory constraints, physical property or infrastructure limitations that may influence project cost, approvals or schedules.

While the conceptual plan may embody the client's vision,  the planning process must respond to the political and public constraints that strongly influence project approval, at the rezoning, site plan and construction approval.  Resource planners and engineers, have built a practice based upon the ability listen to all sides, to navigate the approval process, create confidence built upon responsive negotiations.

From permitting and rezoning to the necessary community involvement, our land planning staff takes pride in truly understanding each customer's land development ambitions and the charting the smoothest path to completion.  With backgrounds in civil engineering, environmental engineering and surveying, our planners have the necessary broad technical perspective and experience so that we can help you develop an innovative, tailored solution for your project.

After 3 decades of experience, we know that each client's project is unique and requires a partner that can listen and determine how to best apply the right resources and experience to achieve your objectives. 


Land Planning Services:          

  • Project Feasibility Analysis
  • Rezoning applications
  • Conceptual Planning
  • Community Involvement
  • Comprehensive Planning and Amendments       
  • Public Participation

Types of Projects

  • Recreational and Sports
  • Government Facilities
  • Institutional Campuses
  • Mixed Use Development            
  • Commercial and Industrial Sites
  • Commercial and Industrial Parks
  • Single Family Subdivisions
  •  Multi-family – Apartments and Condos

Related Planning Projects

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