Did you know? Environmental Lab Accreditation

If you rely on a laboratory for environmental data - even if it's your own lab - it must seek accreditation under Virginia Law. 

Virginia's Environmental Laboratory Certification Program, under development since 1997, will soon become a reality. This program establishes accreditation criteria for both commercial and non-commercial laboratories providing analyses subject to environmental regulation under Virginia’s air, waste, and water regulations. 

This means that sample analyses conducted for the purpose of compliance with state environmental permits such as VPDES, Solid Waste Management, and air are to be conducted by an accredited laboratory. 

Because Resource relies on our subcontract laboratories to provide representative and defensible data, our clients may rest assured that we are already coordinating closely with them to make certain that your monitoring reports comply with this new laboratory certification requirement. If you are concerned that the non-commercial laboratory at your wastewater treatment plant or other facility may not be on track for accreditation, we will be glad to help you. 

If you would like additional information regarding this new state program, please contact acreech@resourceintl.com with your questions.