Resource Contracted for Process Calculations and Modeling for Mexican Wastewater Treatment Plant

Process Calculations and Modeling for One of the World’s Biggest Wastewater Treatment Plants Mexico City, Mexico

Resource International, LTD., as a subcontractor working with and for Randall and Associates, is involved in the process calculations and modeling for a new 23 m 3 /s (535 million gallon per day) wastewater treatment facility in Mexico, expected to be one of the largest wastewater facilities in the world. The Atotonilco Facility is planned to serve Mexico City and treat wastewater for irrigation of the surrounding cropland. The entire project is to design, build and operate the Atotonilco Plant to improve the health and farming impacts of wastewater in the Mexico City metropolitan zone. Resource International is proud to have a role in the development of this significant plant.

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