Resource Develops Tablet Based Phase I ESA Site Visit Checklist

Conventional wisdom holds that “there’s an App for everything.” This hasn’t been true, however, of Phase I ESA site visits. As a result, site reconnaissance has required paper forms, a digital camera, and a lot of time back in the office putting it all together.

Since no site visit App is available online, Resource took the initiative to develop our own tablet based Site Reconnaissance template. This allows our Environmental Professional staff to be both more efficient and detail oriented onsite. “Rather than spend hours back in the office organizing multiple records, we use that time more efficiently during the site visit and leave with the site reconnaissance checklist and photo log fully organized as a PDF ready to be inserted into the report. Our clients all benefit from the improved process, both in terms of our efficiency and in conformance to the ASTM standard,” notes Anthony Creech, who developed the template.