Resource Achieves a First for Landfills in Virginia

Resource was able to terminate corrective action for Westmoreland County’s landfill using the Virginia Uniform Environmental Covenants Act (UECA) saving them over $1,000,000 in Financial Assurance responsibility.

This is the first UECA covenant completed at a closed sanitary landfill in Virginia. The UECA covenant provides for protection of human health and the environment and in turn allowed Resource to petition the DEQ on behalf of Westmoreland County for relief from corrective action. DEQ granted relief from Corrective Action to the County within four days of the submission of the petition. With discontinuation of corrective action requirements, Westmoreland County is relieved of a $1 million dollar financial assurance requirements, and $1000’s in annual compliance and monitoring costs, and is now positioned to prepare a Termination of Post-Closure Care demonstration.

For additional information regarding the UECA program and/or post-closure care release strategies, contact Anthony W. Creech, P.G., at (804) 550-9209 or