First Load of Solid Waste Delivered to R-Board's New Landfill Cell

The Rappahannock Regional Solid Waste Management Board (R-Board) and Resource completed the successful bidding and construction of the new disposal cell, F-2, that took just 4.5 months to complete.

The project included an earthwork excavation quantity of 450,000 cubic yards. Cell F-2 is part of the continued development of the R-Board Landfill located within Stafford County. The regional facility has operated successfully since 1988 and has an overall remaining site life of approximately 50 years. Resource engineers provided Construction Quality Assurance services and worked closely with the R-Board Staff and the Contractor, T&K Construction, to obtain the Certificate to Operate from VDEQ on December 8, 2015. Cell F-2 covers 9.3 acres and has a projected operational life of seven years, based upon current disposal rates, before the next cell is required. The project was completed at a cost of 5 million dollars.