Air Space Expansion - Ashcake Road Landfill

Project Summary

Using 17 years of successful operation, Resource obtained local approval for a 40 foot vertical expansion for the Ashcake Road construction, demolition and debris (CDD) landfill.  The expansion provided an additional 624,000 cubic yard of disposal air space (approximately 5 years of additional site life).  The approval process required community meetings and public hearings, local conditional use permitting and processing, and coordination with the FAA to confirm that the elevation increase was not a hazard to air navigation for the Hanover County general aviation airport.

Strategy and Services

Resource has assisted this client from the sites early permitting as a sand and gravel operation, to its initial permitting as a CDD landfill and materials recovery facility.   The site has been a vital part of Hanover County’s economic development by providing safe and environmentally compliant CDD disposal capacity thus conserving regional municipal waste disposal capacities.

For the expansion, Resource engineers leveraged the existing site development plan and landfill permit drawings.  Resource engineers modified finish slope elevations and surface drainage to capture and treat site runoff while preventing long term surface erosion using diversion berms and drainage channels.

To complete the project Resource worked with the client in communication with local planning and elected officials to educate them on the successful operational history and environmental responsibility demonstrated by the Ashcake Landfill operator.

Services provided by Resource to complete this project were:

  • Local government liaison
  • Permitting
  • Public Meetings and Hearings
  • Negotiation with Public Officials
  • Amendment of Site Plan
  • Amendment of Landfill Permits