Permit Amendment and Groundwater Monitoring - Ashcake Road Landfill

Hanover County, Virginia

Project Overview

Originally permitted as a sand and gravel mining operation, Resource has assisted the client with the permitting and expansion of this Construction Demolition Debris landfill for over 20 years.   Recently Resource worked with the owner to prepare Major Permit Amendment Application #4 for Ashcake Road Landfill Permit #574. This permit amendment's primary focus consisted of changing the bottom liner system design to a 60-mil HDPE textured liner and the closure cap system design to use a 40-mil HDPE texture liner.   

Strategy and Services

The following key elements of the Landfill Application were revised as part of this permit amendment.

  • Design Report
  • Permit Drawings
  • Operations Manual
  • Technical Specifications
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control Plan
  • Gas Management Plan
  • Closure and Post-Closure Care Plan
  • Groundwater Monitoring Program

Resource also prepared Permit Amendment #1 (minor 1995); Permit Amendment #2 (minor 2000); and Permit Amendment #3 (minor 2001) for this facility.

Groundwater Monitoring
Resource has provided ongoing groundwater and gas monitoring services at the landfill since 1990. These services have included monitoring well network design, well installation, surveying, groundwater sample collection and analysis (Phase I, then Detection, then Assessment), data validation, statistical analyses, and submission of required reports. Additional services conducted at the site have included:

  • Alternate Source Demonstration (acid sulfate soils)
  • Leachate sampling/analysis
  • Groundwater Monitoring Plan
  • Nature and Extent Study
  • Assessment of Corrective Measures
  • Hydrogeologic Evaluation for Part A Application