Central Garage Water Project

King William County, Virginia


To promote economic development, the County initiated the sewer project.  The project initially served a major new shopping center, existing commercial facilities, and the County high school.  The water system consisted of over two miles of 12” pipe.  In addition, a 300,000 gallon elevated water storage tank was constructed.  Crossing Route 360 required boring and jacking of 160' of steel casing.  Resource was able to save money though crossing an area congested by electric, optical cable, and a minor State road through the use of directional drilling.


Construction Documents

Resource prepared construction bid-ready Contract Documents including bid forms, General Conditions, technical specifications, drawings, permit information, and other documents required for bidding construction of the improvements.  Resource submitted drawings, specifications, reports, memoranda, and other supporting documentation and obtained Virginia Department of Health approval.

Bid Phase Assistance

Resource assisted the County as requested during the bid phase, including advertising the project, identifying and soliciting contractor interest, distributing Contract Documents, responding to contractors' and suppliers' inquiries, preparing and distributing any required addenda, evaluating bids and preparing a bid tabulation.

Construction Services

Resource provided services to support the construction effort as requested by the County, including close communication and coordination with the County and contractor to assure cooperation and accurate/timely interpretation of the Contract Documents.  Contractor submittals were reviewed.