Cool Springs Landfill Closure

City of Fredericksburg

Project Summary

Resource began working with the City of Fredericksburg in 1991 on the closure of their landfill located on Cool Springs Road in Stafford County. Faced with an estimated $5,000,000 closure cost, the City hired Resource surveyors, civil engineers and environmental professionals to re-evaluate the Closure Plan for the landfill and identify cost effective alternatives that would meet state and federal regulations to close the landfill properly. Through the use of Geo-physical analysis techniques Resource was able to identify that the landfill was really two landfills, with one area being a municipal waste landfill while another area was restricted to CDD landfill. Because each landfill area had different closure cap requirements Resource was able to save the City several million dollars in closure costs.

Surveying Services

Resource was responsible for the closure construction surveying which included wetlands, topographic and boundary surveying. The closure construction surveying included as-built surveys that would eventually be used for the verification of closure through the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ) closure permitting process. Post-closure survey work at the landfill over the years has included the as-built survey of the facility’s active gas extraction system, location of solid waste limits, and design and as-built locations of groundwater monitoring wells, leachate seep improvements, and a concrete drainage channel to ensure positive drainage.

Civil and Environmental Services

Alternative Capping Plans
Using geophysical techniques, Resource determined that the landfill could be closed as two separate disposal areas. The disposal areas were separated by an access road that provided a wedge of undisturbed earth serving as a separation berm. The municipal solid waste section required one cap design, and the construction demolition debris portion required a less costly cap design. Resource also identified portions of the site that were inactive and closed prior to the effective date of the current landfill closure regulations and were therefore unregulated and did not require closure. These actions resulted in significant closure cost savings to the City of approximately $2,500,000.

Closure Plans
Resource prepared a complete set of closure plan and provided construction administration services during the closure construction activities. Groundwater monitoring services Continue to be provided at the landfill, which include preparation of the facility's annual groundwater monitoring report to the VDEQ.

Post-closure Care Inspections
Resource provides post-closure care inspections of the facility and associated landfill gas monitoring to determine whether landfill gas is migrating off-site.