Power Generation Facility - Simple Cycle Expansion

Hanover County, Virginia

UPDATE - March 2018

Construction is coming to an end at Doswell Limited Partnership. Electric generating turbines has been installed and their housing structures have them completely enclosed. Control rooms, transformers and switch assemblies have been installed. High wire support towers are standing and have been connected into the electric grid. The buzz of electricity can be heard. The twin exhaust stacks have been completed.  Construction crews continue with fine details of equipment installation and calibration. The perimeter road installation has begun. Equipment testing will begin in a few weeks.  

Project Overview

Resource was hired to complete site design and local permitting for this power generating facility originally owned and operated by the Doswell Limited Partnership.  Built by a partnership of utility companies and private investors the facilities provide peak demand power using four combined-cycle gas turbines capable of generating 650 MW of primary power generation.  The Site has undergone three modifications and expansions.  The most recent expansion will add two dual-fuel simple-cycle turbines providing on-demand peaking generation rated at 340 MW.  The turbine will operate primarily on natural gas but will have the capability to burning ultra-low sulfur diesel is needed.  Resource has been involved with the project since its original implementation providing a wide range of engineering and environmental support services.

Strategy and Services

This project was on a fast track for completion within 60 calendar days, requiring many tasks to be performed concurrently. Resource services and approach to the project included:

  • A Phase I Wetland Determination to map the portions of the site most likely to be impacted by the planned construction.
  • The wetland areas were survey located and mapped; the ultimate goal being a Jurisdictional Determination from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
  • Resource coordinated with the Virginia Department of Historic Resources, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, and Virginia Division of Natural Heritage to determine any historic or archaeological impacts of the project, as well as impacts to threatened and endangered species.
  • Resource then evaluated the approved Conditional Use Permit for the site, as well as State and County ordinances, to evaluate impacts and determine that no conflict would occur for the proposed turbine generator unit.
  • Resource amended the existing Site Plan drawings to add the turbine generator unit, and coordinated with DLP regarding the improvements, including the Site Layout Plan, Grading and Drainage Plans, Erosion and Sediment Control Plan, Storm Water Management Plan, revisions to Water and Sanitary Sewer Plans, as well as Cover Sheets, Detail Sheets, and Other Utilities.

The original Site plans was amended later using the Hanover County “fast track process” to receive approval in 60 days.  Resource is now working on the third site plan amendment for a consortium of energy company partners.