Subdivision - Kings Charter

Hanover County, Virginia

Project Overview

Resource was responsible for the rezoning and initial subdivision plan for this successful PUD in Hanover County.  The rezoning included the conversion of more than 300 acres of A-1 land to an upscale residential subdivision. 

Financial Feasibility

Resource worked with the initial project developer to prepare a project "Pro-forma" and cash statement to define the economic feasibility of the proposed rezoning.  These documents used "market absorption rates,” real estate market appraisals for lot prices, and current construction costs.  A computer model was prepared so that alternative pricing, cash, equity, interest rate, and construction alternatives could be evaluated.  The Pro-forma and feasibility studies were used by the developer to obtain initial project financing.


Preliminary plats and subdivision layouts required for the preparation of the rezoning application were prepared.  Resource conducted public meetings and hearings and presented the rezoning case before the Hanover County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors.  

Subdivision Plan

The preliminary subdivision plat was prepared based on a mixed-use PUD concept.  The development included single- and multi-family housing and commercial office zoning classifications.

Engineering Design

Detailed designs of Sections 1 and 2 of this development were prepared and included storm water facility, utilities, lot layout, and secondary roads.


Resource surveyors prepared the preliminary and final subdivision plats, scheduled aerial photography, and completed field ground control.   Resource surveyors also completed all surveys for road and utility design and construction.

Resource Services Included:

  • Financial Feasibility
  • Rezoning
  • Subdivision Plan
  • Engineering Design
  • Surveys
  • Public Participation