Major Water Supply Project - The Vineyards at New Kent

New Kent County, Virginia

Project Overview

Resource provided design for all the major water utilities serving new commercial and residential development for the project.  The project was developed in an area of the county that did not have public water available.  Therefore, Resource was tasked with developing and permitting the water supply infrastructure.  This work included a new 1,000 gpm water supply well and upgrading an existing 1,200 gpm water supply well.

The first step in the process was with the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) to obtain its approval of the two well sites.  Once that was accomplished, Resource prepared Construction Documents for the drilling of the new well and testing of both wells.  The specifications include the requirements for the well casing size, screen size, and other critical items.  The final pump selection was dependent on the depth and flow characteristics of the well.

Data obtained from the well included the following:

  • Sieve analysis using a minimum of five standard sieves.
  • Electric and gamma ray log
  • Plumbness and Alignment Test
  • Well Development Test
  • Step Drawdown Test
  • Recovery Test
  • Water Analysis
  • Well Completion Report

The tests and a well completion report was submitted and approved by the VDH.  During this time Resource was working with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to obtain a Water Withdrawal Permit.  This process required a detailed evaluation and justification of the water withdrawal requirements of the proposed system.  All of the data from the well pump tests had to be inserted into the DEQ ground water computer model to evaluate the effect of the new wells may have on the water table and surrounding wells.  Resource worked with DEQ throughout the permitting process to provide timely responses to any questions or details that were needed by DEQ.  A permit was obtained and the water system was placed in service without delaying any aspect or the project.