Major Water and Wastewater Utilities - New Kent Vineyards

New Kent County, Virginia

Project Overview

Resource was hired to provide design for all the major wastewater utilities serving new commercial and residential development for the project.

Strategy and Services

  • Design studies
  • Surveying
  • design plans and specifications
  • Permitting
  • Construction administration.

The project covered approximately 4,500 acres and included a Rees Jones Championship Golf Course, clubhouse, winery, county inn and spa, bed and breakfast, an equestrian center, 300 estate properties are scheduled as well as 100 cottages, a village of a neo-traditional design featuring shops, boutiques, a farmers market and a variety of residential elements, 450 residential homes, 1,450 age restricted homes, and a large club house that features indoor/outdoor swimming pool, a health club, a library, a clubroom and a hobby area.

The major wastewater facilities included 25,300 linear feet of sanitary sewer line, 35,550 linear feet of wastewater force mains and five (5) wastewater pumping stations. The following is a tabulation of the pump station capacities based on the projected flows:

Pump Station Capacity (gpm)

Station Number 1:    141 gpm
Station Number 2:   150 gpm
Station Number 3:   406 gpm
Station Number 4:  250 gpm
Station Number 5:   1378 gpm

All of the pump stations were designed as suction lifts. Common force mains were used where practical in order to keep from double pumping.

The project also included providing the Watkins School with water and wastewater service. This required the construction of a pump station and force main. The force main ran along Route 249 to Route 106. The pump station was sized at approximately 43 gpm. This volume required a 3" force main.