Solid Waste Management Projects - Prince Edward County

Project Overview

Resource has provided Prince Edward County with solid waste management engineering services on an ongoing basis since 1983. Prince Edward County owns and operates a single, 102-acre landfill and the County generates approximately 42 tons per day of municipal solid waste and accepts another 16 tons per day from a neighboring locality.

Strategy and Services

Landfill Permitting and Design
Resource prepared engineering design plans and hydrogeological investigations for the permitting of the existing operating areas at the County landfill, which had a site life of 27 years. Resource also performed engineering services necessary for the permitting of a sanitary landfill to meet general RCRA Subtitle "D" requirements.

Alternative Waste Disposal Options
A feasibility and cost analysis was performed by Resource for three waste disposal options. The alternatives investigated included contracting with a private waste hauler, constructing a transfer station, hauling the waste to an out-of-county landfill, and constructing a new, county-owned landfill.

Variance Petition
State petitions were prepared and filed by Resource to allow the County to operate the existing landfill until the proposed new landfill was permitted and constructed.

Wetland Delineation and Permitting
Resource delineated and surveyed wetlands areas to be disturbed with the construction of the proposed landfill. A Nationwide 26 permit was obtained to allow the filling of less than an acre of wetlands.

Landfill Closure
Resource prepared a Closure Plan in response to state and federal regulations.

Construction Administration and QA/QC
Resource provided full-time construction administration and QA/QC testing and observations for both the closure construction of the County's existing unlined landfill; the construction of Cell A, B, C, & D of the new landfill; and a partial closure of approximately 5 acres of disposal cells A & B. Services included review of contractor pay requests and shop drawings, weekly progress meetings, and general administrative project management. Resource provided construction documentation to the VDEQ.

The Subtitle D landfill is composed of six (6) individual cells that had a site life of 29 years. Cell C is currently in use with Cell D coming on line in 2009.

Resource provides operations consulting services to Prince Edward County that include assisting the County in annually updating financial assurance; waste grade surveying and staking; reviewing VDEQ inspection reports; coordinating responses to VDEQ where appropriate; stormwater sampling/monitoring; groundwater sampling; statistical analyses and reporting; landfill gas monitoring and reporting; leachate management issues; and remaining cell and fill life estimates.