Mixed Use Development - The Bluffs at Bell Creek and Bell Creek Park

Hanover County, Virginia

Project Overview

Resource performed Land Planning, Environmental, Surveying and Engineering services for a 450-acre multi-use development featuring open space planning and historic preservation.  The development features multiple land use types that include age restricted housing, single family residential (attached and detached) and commercial properties.

Strategy and Services 

Resource engineers and land planners prepared a project master plan that responded to the key elements of Hanover County’s newly proposed RS ordinance.  The RS ordinance was developed to utilize open space, preserve historic lands and cluster development to create a unique blend of living environment.

The development proposed over 40% open space that featured a 160-acre historic park that included a portion of the original land grant to the Shelton Family in the early 1600's.  The park includes Rural Plains, the Shelton home place where Patrick Henry married his first wife, Sara Shelton.  During the Civil War and the battle of Totopotomoy Creek, the house was controlled by the Union Army and was the target of Confederate cannon fire.

Resource engineers designed a Master Stormwater Plan for the Bluffs at Bell Creek (Residential) and Bell Creek Park (Industrial/Commercial).  A private pond was converted into a regional facility, matching the location shown on the County’s Regional Stormwater Plan.  The T-33 Regional Basin eliminated the need for multiple stormwater basins within the overall development.  The basin was designed to treat the water quantity and nutrient runoff for the more intensely developed Park.  The developer’s cost to construct the basin was returned in the form of credits against the residential stormwater management fees.  This design methodology achieved stormwater management for the entire development without the need for several basins in the residential section and without additional cost to the developer.

The road system included roundabouts, as well as the widening and reconfiguration of the Bell Creek Road/Pole Green Road intersection.

Resource Services Included:

  • Land Planning
  • Historic Park Planning
  • Rezoning and Comprehensive Plan Amendment
  • Public Participation and Education
  • Surveying
  • Wetland Delineations and Permitting
  • Utility and Infrastructure
  • Utility Master Plan
  • Road and Roundabout Design
  • Subdivision Construction Plans
  • Design of Regional Basin (T-33)
  • Individual Commercial Site Plans