Solid Waste and Landfill Services

Resource assists clients with the operation and maintenance of solid waste and landfill facilities that are cost effective and regulatory compliant. 

Our staff of solid waste and landfill professionals can assist owners and operators in permitting new waste facilities and fulfill their needs to operate existing facilities at higher levels of performance. For over 30 years we’ve assisted owners and operators to help find significant savings in operating costs. Whether evaluating the effectiveness of ground water monitoring well networks to eliminate the potential for false positives or introducing new liner methods and alternative cover materials, we are continuously looking for opportunities to ensure our clients are opportunity as efficiently as possible. We have saved our clients in excess of hundreds of thousands dollars. 

We assist clients who maintain and operate the following facilities:

  • Sanitary Landfills
  • Construction demolition debris landfills (CDD)
  • Materials recovered facilities (MRF)
  • Waste transfer stations
  • Leachate management facilities
  • Landfill gas management systems
  • Waste to energy systems



  • Solid Waste Management Plans 
  • Waste Characterization Studies 
  • Financial Analyses 
  • Site Life Evaluations 
  • Rate (Tipping Fee) Studies 
  • Privatization Studies (Public vs. Private Operations) 
  • Waste Disposal Alternatives
  • Reuse and Recycle Plans

Design and Construction

  • Federal and state permitting
  • Local zoning and site plan approval
  • Construction Plans
  • Construction phase services
  • QA/QC & CQA 
  • Regulatory Liaison
  • Part A & Part B Permitting & Design
  • Permit-by-Rule Submittals


  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Gas monitoring
  • Soil Management
  • Phase Development
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Closure Plans
  • Post closure plans
  • Financial Assurance

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