Water And Wastewater Utilities

Resource provides quality engineering and scientific services to provide safe drinking water and effective and dependable wastewater treatment.


Resource has prepared Virginia groundwater withdrawal permit applications and water supply plans for clients including municipalities, homeowner associations, industry, and private developers.  Each project required a full assessment of all potential sources of water including but not limited to groundwater, surface water, reclaimed or reuse water, and water in need of treatment (e.g. as result of pH, salinity or other factors).  This experience is of critical significance because of the strict requirements for evaluation of alternate source and justification of withdrawal amounts required under the Virginia Groundwater Withdrawal regulations.  Stated simply, Resource can successfully research water supply sources and coordinate (justify) withdrawals and distribution deployments to the strict standards the Department of Environmental Quality requires because we have done it multiple times previously in Virginia Coastal Plain projects.


Resource has been providing quality engineering and scientific services to ensure effective and dependable infrastructure for wastewater collection, transport, treatment, and disposal.  Resource’s innovation has produced more cost-effective wastewater facility alternatives than normally available through conventional methods.  Resource has planned and designed wastewater systems ranging from small developments to major county facilities.  Resource has designed collection systems, pumping stations, and treatment plants.  Computer modeling of system networks allows us to test various development alternatives within a community’s wastewater system.  Resource has provided timely and quality engineering services to ensure effective and dependable wastewater collection, pumping and treatment.


  • Preliminary Engineering Reports
  • Water Treatment Systems
  • Storage Tank Design & Rehabilitation
  • Water Pump Stations
  • Water Distribution & Transmission Systems
  • Water Withdraw Permits
  • Treatment Plant, Collection & Pumping Systems Designs
  • Pre-Treatment Facilities
  • Process Design and Evaluation
  • Discharge Permits
  • Funding Applications
  • Bidding Assistance
  • Construction Administration and Resident Project Representation
  • O&M Manuals
  • Evaluation of Alternatives

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